Revd John Armstrong
Priest in Charge

Our objective is: - to serve the Kingdom of God in Morris Green.

Our aim is: - to engage in ministry and mission to the people who reside in the parish and to all those who would join us in worship.

To this end we will: - Seek partnership with existing organisations and institutions and offer a warm welcome to all those who wish to join the worshipping community of St Bede's, regardless of where they reside.

We at St Bede’s are a warm welcoming inclusive and supportive Christian church, all are welcome here and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday Mornings at 10.00 when we hold our weekly act’s of worship, Holy Communion and Services of the Word for all ages.  Come and meet Jesus AT St Bede’s and see just what He can do for you, don’t just know about Jesus, come to KNOW HIM!

I am available for consultation and assistance on a personal level to anyone who would like to contact me in total confidence, we all look forward to meeting and welcoming you to St Bede’s at any time.

Your church is here for you,

Malcolm Bristow
Assistant Curate

Times of worship

10am Every Sunday

Vacancy for a Verger
Presently St Bede’s is in need of a Verger, to assist in the setting up of the Church before Sunday Services, also for Baptism’s, Weddings and Funerals whenever they happen.  It is an interesting position, with a great responsibility and an integral part of the operation of the services the church offers.   This is a voluntary position, though there are fees paid to the Verger for preparation of the church at Weddings and Funerals, if anyone is interested in this position, please contact us via this web site for further details. 

St Bede’s Lunch Club, meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month
It may not be ‘fine dining’, but it most definitely is an opportunity to enjoy an excellently prepared hot meal, not only that but good fellowship and friendship over the dining table. We eat not simply to live, but eating should be, wherever possible, a social occasion, here at St Bede’s Lunch Club it is just that, for a small charge of £5.50 we provide a most enjoyable and wholesome two course hot lunch with Tea Coffee and beverage.  The lunch club is open to older people, you do not have to be a worshiping member of the Church, we welcome anyone in the locality.  Attendance is by a pre purchased ticket (£5.50) from Sharon Hardman (01204 700848) please call for your ticket. Bon Appetite!

Mission Partnership
Consultations are presently taking place to set up a ‘Mission Partnership, between ourselves, St Bede’s with St Thomas and St John Lostock, St Mary’s Deane (Deane Parish Church), and St Andrew’s Over Hulton.  Please pray that this may be a seamless operation which will join all our parishes together for the good of the positive spreading of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our four parishes.  Following the establishment of the Mission Partnership should come the establishment of a Team Ministry between the four parishes.  These developments only serve to show our unity in the work that God has for us to do in the spreading of His Word and the pastoral care of the people of the parishes.


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